The 11th China International Mosaic Exhibition

The 11th China (Foshan) International Mosaic Exhibition and the 11th China (Foshan) International Mosaic Culture Festival will be officially opened on April 18. Whether it is an exhibitor or an exhibition working group, they have all started intense preparations. As of the beginning of April, the preparations for the China Mosaic City related working group are also coming to an end. Investment promotion (exhibition) work, atrium suspension, exhibition promotion, conference production, “Golden Rubik’s Cube” selection activities and “new product show” activities, display rack installation, etc. are in place.

It is reported that the 11th China (Foshan) International Mosaic Exhibition has an exhibition area of ​​approximately 10,000 square meters. A total of 71 mosaic companies participated in the exhibition, including 54 exhibitions and 17 exhibitions. It attracts including Gloria, Somei, Domilai, Tongkong, Mingshi, Jingpai, Fina, Yuguan, Haimin, Sun Moon Shell, Fulida, Lion, Golden Home, Caihua, Shangliang, Tim Li, Aoli Shi, Swarovski, Kehua, Ai Ge, and other well-known brands participated. This year’s mosaic exhibition is also rich in variety, including ceramic mosaic, nano-mosaic, artificial stone mosaic, metal mosaic, mosaic fine-cut painting and other products, all of which have been innovated and optimized on the basis of the original to bring people new surprises. All the boutiques are here to add a splendid color and unique charm to the 11th Mosaic Exhibition.

Highlight 1: Feiyupusixingyun ceramic mosaic series

With the “future-first” design concept, Philippine Fish, there is no shortage of surprising creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. In the upcoming 11th exhibition, what new surprises will Philippine Fish Pub bring to everyone?

According to He Xuchu, general manager of Philippine Puss Mosaic, this year’s mosaic exhibition will showcase the new series of “Xingyun Ceramic Mosaic” products that are representative of this year’s new varieties. This product belongs to the ceramic mosaic series, which is made by using advanced imported glaze and high temperature firing. Through exquisite craftsmanship, Xingyun series products combine jade culture, ceramic culture and mosaic culture in China for thousands of years. Their products have the effect of jade and show the atmosphere and quaint connotation of products.

Star rhyme ceramic mosaic, the surface color is soft, single color change is rich, very eye-catching. It improves the taste, enriches the enjoyability, and avoids the single color and makes people visually tired. According to He Xuchu, the positioning of this series of products belongs to the middle and high-grade. The decorative effect can highlight the gorgeous and elegant interior effect. Therefore, it is widely used in high-end consumer places such as star hotels.

Highlight 2: Golden Age New Products (Stainless Steel) Mosaic

A Somme metal mosaic specializing in the production and sale of metal mosaics. This year, we launched a new product, which is a Golden Age series. According to Mr. Feng Xincheng, the Somali Foreign Trade Commissioner, the visual effect of the Golden Age series is a kind of “golden shining” bright feeling, and the new products that will be unveiled at this exhibition belong to this series. Innovative in the form of plates, combined with high-quality stainless steel metal materials, designed with new colors and patterns to match, characterized by “texture blends with modern art features”, and its product appearance always gives people a “future future” Science fiction beauty.”

It is reported that this new product is also receiving much attention in the market. Some consumers say that the most optimistic thing is the new beauty and comfort brought by this product.

Highlight 3: Kehua new fine cut painting

Kehua’s new fine-cut paintings represent the highest level of craftsmanship in Chinese mosaics. The product is visually a kind of “Shen Yun” level of the look and feel effect, its fineness and color gradient effect, as well as the content expressed by the picture, have reached the level of supernatural, called “speaking fine cut painting.”

The cut painting is a piece of modular mosaic granules that show the final picture through cutting and tiling. It is equivalent to using regular things to spell out irregular patterns. Compared with the similar products in the past, this new Kehua fine-cut painting has the biggest bright spot in the extremely difficult mosaic collage, which makes the lines flow naturally and the colors match vivid appearance. More importantly, the human mind is fully integrated into the frame. At the same time, there is no innovation in style design than Kehua’s previous products.

“A painting, it has thoughts and souls, the biggest feature is whether the author’s thoughts and feelings are expressed inside.” Mr. Lin Facheng, manager of Kehua. It is reported that Kehua’s fist product has won the “Most Creative Product Award” in the “Golden Cube Award”, the highest award in the Chinese mosaic industry for two consecutive years.

Highlight 4: Mosaic Decoration Software

With the rapid development of the mosaic industry, the requirements for technology and product quality are constantly improving. In order to seek innovation and breakthrough in technology, more and more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the popularity of information production of mosaic production. At the same time, as a consumer customer, I also hope that I have a comprehensive estimate of the overall paving effect. As a professional decoration material selection software, 4D stars can solve this problem well. It can change and match the display effects of various materials in different styles of space, so that people can intuitively see the decoration effect of each decorative material and the decoration effect of the whole space, so that customers can relate related decorative materials. There is an intuitive understanding of the effect of paving in your own home, which facilitates the buyers and sellers and improves efficiency.


As a platform to promote the development of China’s mosaic industry, with the rapid development of the mosaic industry, the Mosaic Exhibition has also been constantly improving itself through summing up and thinking in the next session. To keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the mosaic industry.

Through a review of the first ten exhibitions, we also witnessed the growth of Chinese mosaics from “baby to juvenile”. It is undeniable that there is still a great potential for development and space in the Chinese mosaic industry, which requires joint promotion and maintenance from manufacturers to consumers. This upcoming 11th China (Foshan) International Mosaic Exhibition, we will see what progress has been made in the mosaic industry? What kind of challenges will you face? let us wait and see.

Post time: Jun-26-2019

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