Unique-homogeneous terrazzo tiles

Drawing inspiration from traditional terrazzo in Italy and integrating fashion elements with modern production technology and unique all-through body technology, the design and performance of traditional terrazzo has been greatly improved. The unique product charm of terrazzo rejuvenates the modern space decoration Rich design element.

A series of terrazzo

Light Grey
Golden Yellow
Medium Grey
Grass Green

True particles

The preferred stone particles, texture clear natural

  Preferably dozens of stone particles of different colors, size, particle well ratio, combined with fine ductile and multiple mixing products show that the level of particle uniform and rich, showing an irreplaceable atmosphere and natural effect.

All full body

Multidimensional three-dimensional loading system,full body same color without fear processing

  It is different from the common inkjet terrazzo on the market. The product is made of three dimensional cloth and pressed by a large tonnage press to create the whole body natural texture. It has the same color from bottom to surface, and is superior to the same type of products in terms of hardness and wear resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of cutting, chamfering and slotting.

Fine polishing

Intelligent polishing technology, pollution resistance and permeability

  The surface of the product after fine polishing and unique antifouling treatment, the water absorption rate of less than 0.5%, effectively resist all kinds of stains, penetration resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, timeless.

Wide range of applications

Complete specifications, suitable for all kinds of comprehensive commercial space

  Terrazzo series has 600 × 600 mm, 900 × 600 mm, 1200 × 600 mm and other specifications, the thickness of 10-20 mm, simple texture of the atmosphere, the whole body specifications, high wear-resistant and high hardness, can be widely used in commercial plazas, business centers, etc. Integrated commercial body space decoration.

Abandoning the old impressions of the terrazzo pattern;

The terrazzo series is radiating new vitality;

Emanating the fashion sense of modern city.


Post time: Jun-26-2018

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