What is a plain modern ceramic tile?

What is a plain modern ceramic tile?

To fashion popular elements as the theme, reflecting the modern minimalist aesthetics, both excellent practical and comfortable new antique tiles.


Product identification features:

  • Simple, stylish, international style;
  • Gray tone, superb beauty;
  • Suitable for modern and simple style of large format products;

Application Features of Modern Tiles:

1、fashion material library
Product design is based on fashion and fashion elements as a theme, a variety of material prototype, can be a natural material, it can be a combination of multiple materials. With the overall color system with the details of the texture, with natural and comfortable visual effects.

2、sufficient design freedom

The traditional classical European style, American style, Chinese style feature has been firmly formed, often imprisons the design creation imagination play space, style is monotonous, prone to visual fatigue. Do not rigidly adhere to certain style characteristics, suitable for bold innovation. Tile decorative elements can be simple in aesthetics free collocation application, and can extend a variety of spatial visual appeal, novelty, such as industrial wind, many modern minimalist design works is a typical case.


3、Multiple scene applications

The application of techniques can be varied by cutting specifications, color layout, texture reorganization and so on design means can create different visual sense of space, for the design works of expression, to show calm and jumping, lively and peaceful, warm and cold and so on different application changes, often appear from the details, and harmony in the overall visual effect.

4、 practical process Aesthetics

The texture has aesthetic characteristics, but also the integration of strong practical function. For example the skin candy glaze, glaze, simulation of mold texture, new processing anti skid glaze, enhance anti fouling, wear non slip tiles, functional properties, increase the content of science and technology for more Home Furnishing activities.

Post time: Jun-26-2018

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