Why should we use soft polished tile?

  • There was an investigation held between 200 home decoration designers and 80 senior real estate owners about subject – what do they think of honed finished tile.
  • 80% of interviewees approve of this newly trend. As the way they see it, high glossy tilesmight cause excessive visual stimulation which lead to oppressive senses.
  • On the other hand, matte tiles with it’ few reflection will make any space look a bit gloomy and dark which its difficult to cope with other decoration. But soft polished tiles have the best balance out of two kinds.


  • And you may wonder, what exactly its honed finished tiles? How do we classify?–Briefly, it’ tile surface reflection against light its between strong and weak, in a certain comfortable way.
  • Not only have the beautiful gloss  of full polished tile, but also attain introverted luxury of rustic tile. 
  • achieve the best visual comfort level of human senses by lessen the reflection, to create “ light pollution” free environment.

Now after several years of development,  it has occupy an important seat in the tile industry. In the market, we have 29 degrees, 25degrees ~55 degrees soft polished tiles.


1.Comfortable vision status.

free of light pollution. Above we have mentioned how it do that. By this way, honed finished tile pavement creating an superior artistic warm feeling, in a way match the concept of harmonious living condition.

2.Wear-resistant & stable. Not easy to have scratches.

Full polished glazed tile micro crystal tile once there is  scratch will be very easy to show, relatively speaking, soft polished tile’ scratch is not easy to see. It Moh’s hardness is generally 6.0 or 7.0 (just like human teeth, quartz, stone).  While natural marble is generally only 3.0 (equivalent to shells, pearls, copper pieces). Moreover, solve the problem dirt hiding on tile surface, much more easier to clean.


3.Less wavy looks.

Normally, Full polished glazed tile directly fired by high temperature caused uneven tile surface, you’ll see very dizzy wavy reflection under the light., resulting in which affects the paving effect. But with honed finished tile, that over-shined wavy reflection doesn’t exist. Left only with comfortable beautiful pavement.

4.Clearer texture, made the 3D patterns stand out!

In contrast, soft polished tiles have a wider range of applications. They are relatively suitable in the kitchen, the bathroom, and are also suitable for modern decoration styles. For example, under some circumstances, full polished tile, polished tile,  they can be “sweaty” because of the humidity( in summer). But not for honed finished tile, it gets better. In addition, high-end hotels, lobbies, cafes, luxurious villas, famous real estate also like to use this products.

Post time: Jun-26-2018

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